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Refund My Tax is a Trading Style of Revoy & Jones Limited Number 06858891 ( England & Wales) Reg Office Trinder House, SO32 1EE

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Q. What are your fees?
A. Our rates are the lowest you will find, guaranteed. As each case is different, the fixed fee we quote is slightly different depending on the level of work. However all work is on a no win no fee basis.

Q. I have just received a notification letter from you, what is it all about?
A. We have analysed information at Companies House and believe that you may be entitled to a personal income tax refund. The purpose of the letter is to let you know of the possibility of the refund and to explain how we can help secure it for you.

Q. Is it company tax or my tax?
A. No, this is a personal tax issue. It has no bearing or relation to the taxation affairs of the company in which you held the shares.

Q. What happens if when the company failed, it stilled owed money to the Inland Revenue?
A. You are still entitled to a claim for the refund. It has nothing to do with company tax.

Q. What if I do not or did not pay much in the way of income tax?
A. The amount of tax that you can be repaid can be no more than the amount you paid in the first instance. We can choose any two consecutive years and we will choose those years which are most beneficial to you.

Q. What happens if I have never paid any income tax?
A. You will not be due any refund

Q. What if I owe money to the Inland Revenue?
A. Once the claim has succeeded, the claim will be placed on your IR account and affect your tax liability accordingly. Any surplus, remaining in the event that a tax debt is cleared, will then be repaid in the form of a cheque to you.

Q. Can my accountant deal with this?
A. Your accountant can possibly deal with this if they have the necessary specialist knowledge and experience. But remember he or she is likely to charge you whether the claim is successful or not. We will only charge where we can refund money to you.

Q. Do I need to advise my accountant that Refund My Tax is making this claim on my behalf?
A. There is no necessity for you to do this. This is a totally stand alone claim.

Q. Will making this claim put me in a difficult light in respect of the Inland Revenue?
A. Absolutely not. This is your entitlement under the taxes legislation and you are entitled to claim back all the tax that is due to you.


Q. What if I have received refunds through other schemes such as the EIS?
A. If a claim has already been made against your initial investment, then we still may be able to make a further claim for you.

Q. I have had a letter but my relatives have not. Why is this?
A. The claim is not appropriate to all individuals. You must have held the shares all the way through the company and be an original allottee.

Q. Can I deal with the claim myself?
A. Yes you can. Best of luck!

Q. Will this claim trigger an enquiry?
A. Unlikely, if your tax affairs are up to date.

Q. My tax affairs are not up to date, how can I get them up to date.
A. We will assess your position and in the vast majority of cases we can get your house in order within the fee we have supplied for making the claim. In the event that there is a lot of additional work, we will discuss a fee with you.

Q. Can Refund My Tax deal with my tax and Financial affairs after this is claim is completed?
A. Yes, we would be delighted to do so.

Q. How long will the claim take?
A. A straight forward case will take 10 to 12 weeks to complete, more complicated cases may take longer.

Q. What is Form 64/8?
A. This is your authorisation to the Inland Revenue to allow Refund My Tax to deal with them on your behalf and only in respect of this one claim.

Q. What is Form R38?
A. This allows the repayment to be firstly, sent to Refund My Tax. We then deduct our fee and then mail a refund cheque to you. If you have a question that has not been adequately answered, please call 0845 130 7165 and we will only be too pleased to be of help