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You might have overpaid tax through your job for the following reasons:

If you've overpaid tax, you must claim it back before 31 January, five years after the end of the tax year (5 April) in which the overpayment was made. For example, a claim for the tax year 2003-04 which ended 5 April 2004 must be made before 31 January 2010.

We can help you secure a tax refund on a no win no fee basis.

Overpaid National Insurance

When might you overpay or wrongly pay? You might have overpaid or wrongly paid National Insurance contributions if…

Have you been employed under CIS in the last six years? Have you overpaid CIS tax we can help secure a tax refund for you.

Whatever your personal tax situation, we can help secure a tax refund if you are due one. Please call one of our tax
advisers on 0845 450 3929 to discuss your case or go to the
What do I do now? page.

Personal Recovery

Tax return refund , helping you recover what's yours